Springfield, Ohio, June 16, 2023:  The winners of the annual Good Dad Awards have been announced and will be awarded this Saturday, June 17 at the Springfield Juneteenth/Fatherfest event at 2:00 pm. The event is held annually at the Gammon House at 620 Piqua Place, Springfield, Ohio and the award is sponsored by Urban Light Ministries.

The aim of the Good Dad Award is to recognize the significant role fathers play in their children’s well-being and development and to raise awareness of the value of fathers in the family and the community. It identifies and honors outstanding fathers for their exceptional commitment to raising their children or for their exemplary contribution to the development of children in the community.

The Good Dad Fatherhood Award nominees meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates an outstanding commitment to raising his children
  • Is an exemplary father
  • Is an inspirational role-model who, as a father, has triumphed over adversity
  • Contributes to the development and well-being of children in the community
  • Provides significant leadership and inspiration to other fathers

The 2023 winners are:  John Applin, Corey Burns, Demetrius Carter, Carter Click, James Cosper, Kareem Crossley, Caleb Cunningham, Ross Cunningham, Nate Fleming, Jerome Flowers, Austin Floyd, Tyler Gray, Scott Griffith, Vincent Hall, Jr., Vincent Hall, III, Harold Howard, Gyasi Jones, Wayne Meyers, Chochi Ongaki, Eudes Padilla, Clay Pahlau, Drew Randolph, James Rayburn, Antonio Reid, Dwight Roe, Jr., Timothy Showmaker, Ralph St. James, Richard W. Stokes, Michael Stroder, Andrew Stump, Tray Thomas, James B. Upshaw, Hugh Watts, and Thomas White.