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“Turning the hearts of fathers to their children and the childrens’ hearts to the Heavenly Father”

Addressing the issues of absent fathers and the negative effects on children without dads

Urban Light Ministries has focused its efforts over the last 30 years in increasing awareness and support of fatherhood initiatives due to absent fathers and the negative affects of children without dads in the greater Clark County Ohio area.

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Our Story

Over the Years



Eli and Judy Williams from Lifeline Ministries, a faith-based ministry focused on children, prisons, food pantry and mobile DJ


Sonshine Clubs Begin

”The Sonshine Club was a Saturday morning sidewalk Sunday School children’s ministry which started in Lincoln Park in Springfield, Ohio


Sonshine Clubs Move to Public Schools

The Sonshine Clubs, a children-based Christian ministry, begins in Lincoln Elementary School as an afterschool ministry


Lifeline Ministries becomes Urban Light Minstries

Lifeline Ministry changed its name to Urban Light Ministries and received its 501 (c) 3 nonprofit designation officially in 1996


Urban Light Ministries opens headquarters on S. Yellowsprings St.

Urban Light Ministries served over 100 families weekly by volunteers from its location in Springfield, Ohio


Fatherhood Workshops Begin

Nuturing Fathers for Life (NFL) program begins with fathering skills training for local fathers.  Training partnered with Marriage Resource Center and Clark County Jail beings in 2007


Ohio Commissions on Fatherhood awards $224K grant

Urban Light continues to expand it fatherhood training and support through a major grant allowing it to serve over 300 fathers 


Eli Williams elected to the board of Ohio Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families

Eli Williams continues to grow awareness and credibility of Urban Light Ministries Fatherhood programs through serving on state-wide fatherhood boards and contributing to Fatherhood Commission Strategic Plan


ULM Continues building Fatherhood programs

ULM continues to grow its awareness and credibility in serving fathers through winning $100k grant to serve over 150 fathers, publishing the areas first “Dad’s Resource Guide” and hosts the regional Fatherhood Ohio Summit in Springfield, Ohio


Sonshine Clubs Expand Reach to over 13 public elementary schools

The after-school children’s ministry continues to grow to over 800 children with a Sonshine Club Director staff position established


ULM’s Fatherhood Programs receive National Recognition

Eli Williams and Darryl Grayson present ULM’s programs to Virginia delegation  


Father Love book published

Eli Williams authored and publishes the book “Father Love – The Powerful Resource Every Child Needs” including a study guide and father’s discussion group


POPS 101 Course Online course released

Fatherhood course on being a Protector, Order Keeper, Provider and Stabilizer is released online in English and Spanish versions.


Eli Williams presented the Nehemiah Foundation Leadership Award

For Pastor Eli Williams recognition of local leadership and service to the community of Springfield, Ohio he was awarded the Nehemiah Foundation Leadership Award


Fatherhood Devotionals Published

Pastor Eli Williams publishes father devotional on YouVersion Bible App and ULM publishes 30-day Dad Devotional E-book


Fathering Strong Launched

An online community for fathers that connects, engages, and empowers fathers to be the best dads they can be.