June 1, 2023


Today marks the beginning of a new way for fathers to connect with each other. Why is connecting important? There are many reasons. For starters, here are five.

  • Being a good father is difficult, challenging work, even in the best of circumstances.
  • We need each other because none of us has everything figured out.
  • Many of us have valuable experiences that are worth sharing with other dads.
  • Each of us can be inspired by others’ triumphs and joys in fathering.
  • There is no other place to go for this kind of resource (as far as we know).

The bottom line? We can make each other better, stronger, more loving.

What is Fathering Strong? 

It is a growing community of fathers still in the early stages of formation. Fathering Strong is a free mobile app that enables fathers to engage with each other in respectful, confidential, healthy, positive, and optimistic ways. Smaller communities of fathers in similar circumstances will form. Fathering Strong is also a developing robust website, which will be full of helpful information for healthy, nurturing parenting and co-parenting. Relevant and up-to-date video content, links, courses, devotionals, books, research, merch, and more.

Powered by Urban Light Ministries, Fathering Strong brings decades of experience working with fathers, children, and families from many walks of life. As a father, fatherhood practitioner, male mentor, and fatherhood program leader, I am delighted to be part of this new 21st-century century resource for holistically strengthening dads and the institution of fatherhood. But it is you – the Fathering Strong community member that makes it work.

We promise to offer up current, well-researched information and resources on fatheringstrong.com. It will be honest, though sometimes not politically correct. It will be spiritual and Bible-based, though never preachy, or overly religious.  All fathers are welcome. Whether biological, step, adoptive, male relative, foster, single and whatever your marital status.

I will offer up brief daily messages called Strength for Today, which are meant to encourage, inspire and challenge dads in their growth. It will include a scripture, a prayer, and an action step.  I hope you are blessed by them.

Welcome to the Fathering Strong Community.

Eli Williams, President
Urban Light Ministries, Inc.

To join Fathering Strong go to the website by clicking here.