2023 Strategic Direction

Leveraging Urban Light Ministries’ deep and rich history to effectively transition and expand the role in building stronger fathers for the benefit of their children, families, churches, and communities.

Guiding scripture – Malachi 4:6

Turning the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to the Heavenly Father.

  1. Increase focus and resource allocations to address the impact of father absence through biblically-based fatherhood programming.
    • Continue to build on Father Love biblical principles through the development of an online father community that connects fathers and provides the platform to share their stories, learn about effective parenting practices and become stronger fathers by applying biblical principles
      • Fathering Strong Online community (official release date January 2, 2023)
      • Father Love Podcast (official release date April 1, 2023)
      • Fathering Strong Conferences (preliminary date of May 2023)
    • Build the tools and partnerships to drive biblically-based fatherhood advocacy to make positive changes within current laws and programs.
  2. Continue the work of enriching the lives of children through collaboration, not duplication.
    • Use Urban Light Ministries’ years of experience and financial resources to help launch LifeWise Academy in Springfield and Clark County in partnership with local churches.
  3. Build the support and management of Care-it’s for Kids fund to serve local youth while building stronger father and child(ren) relationships.
    • Maintain and administrate the Care-it’s for Kids fund for appropriate distribution of funds to under-resourced families with children and youth.
  4. Continue leadership of stimulating racial reconciliation and building biblically healthy multiethnic relationships in the Christian community.