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“Turning the hearts of fathers to their children and the childrens’ hearts to the Heavenly Father”

Addressing the issues of absent fathers and the negative effects on children without dads

Are You Ready to Address the Real Epidemic?

What would it be if you could do one thing to change the world?   More love?  Hope?  Faith?  What about in a child’s life?

A real epidemic today is proven to cause the issues that families and communities are facing today. 

Research shows that fully-engaged fathers tremendously impact their children’s well-being!

Urban Light Ministries is seeking champions that will help find ways to address this urgent need and begin rebuilding stronger homes and communities.

  • Can you share your experience with someone seeking guidance?
  • Can you help communicate and lead the charge to get others involved?
  • Do you have the social media connections to share free online resources that can help others?
  • Are you willing to help make a positive impact by monitoring a group and supporting this ministry?

Reach out to Urban Light Ministries today and we will help you find the path where your skills, passion, and drive will make a change in this world.  We will put you in touch with one of our many champions who can tell you what it has meant to their life.  You will find that the promise of doing to others what you want for yourself will pay back to you in dividends.

There are many places to start.  You may have some of your own.  You can begin making a difference in someone’s life.