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2020 Community Fatherhood Awards

The aim of the Community Fatherhood Awards is to recognize the significant role fathers play in their children’s well-being and development and to raise awareness of the value of fathers in the family and the community. It identifies and honors outstanding fathers for their exceptional commitment to raising their children or for their exemplary contribution to the development of children in the community.

Criteria & Rules

The Community Fatherhood Awards candidate is to be of excellent character, free of any compromising issues including those related to drug or alcohol abuse, child abuse, or any other issue that might harm the reputation of the awards.

The Community Fatherhood Awards nominees must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrates an outstanding commitment to raising his children
  2. Is an exemplary father
  3. Is an inspirational role-model who, as a father, has triumphed over adversity
  4. Contributes to the development and well-being of children in the community
  5. Provides significant leadership and inspiration to other fathers
  6. Nominees may include natural fathers, adoptive fathers, step fathers, foster fathers and grandfathers raising their grandchildren (i.e. acting as their father)

Rules for Nomination

  1. The nominee must be a local resident
  2. A father may not nominate himself
  3. A father can be nominated multiple times (by different nominators)
  4. Nominations may be entered on the web form; emailed to or by mail to Urban Light Ministries, PO Box 3132, Springfield, OH 45501
  5. The deadline for submission is Friday, May 30, 2020 (Must be received by 5:00 PM)

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