Fathering in a Pandemic

Join us for this seven part series.

Being a father is hard enough but trying to effectively lead, protect and nurture your family during a pandemic brings on many new challenges. Let Urban Light Ministries be your guide in helping you navigate these uncharted waters with their video series, "Fathering in a Pandemic - What you need to know to be the best father you can be."Register to receive a free short video each day for the next week and get helpful tips you can use. Each video includes a downloadable worksheet to help you understand and implement the proven steps and fathering tips.

Video Series Titles
  • Video 1: Why Dads Matter
  • Video 2: Being Successful Socially Starts at Home
  • Video 3: Creating Order in the Midst of Chaos
  • Video 4: Father as Protector 
  • Video 5: Father as Order Keeper and Provider
  • Video 6: Raising Teenagers 
  • Video 7: Father as the Stabilizer 

Video 1: Fathering in a Pandemic - Why Dads Matter

The Bible is the greatest instructional guide for fathers. It clearly outlines how aThe Bible is the greatest instructional guide for fathers. It clearly outlines how a father is to treat, instruct, guide, nurture, and provide for his children. Throughout the Bible, you will find verse after verse that will equip fathers to become the father that God intended them to be. Let’s take a look at some of the most important attributes that a Godly father must possess.

Video 2: Fathering in a Pandemic - Being Successful Socially Starts in the Home

Pastor Kermit Rowe provides Biblical insights and words of encouragement on how the "stay at home" orders and social distancing due to COVID-19 have unleashed many emotions and have forced us to reestablish our roots of socialization in the home.

Video 3: Fathering in a Pandemic - Creating Order in the Midst of Chaos

In the third video of the series, Darryl Grayson provides a webinar reviewing the POPS 101 information concerning how fathers can be the best protectors, order keepers, providers, and stabilizers for their families. This introduces the POPS concept that will be reviewed in further detail in future videos.

Video 4: POPS 101 - Father as a Protector

The fourth video in the Fathering in a Pandemic series highlighting Urban Light Ministries POPS 101 course on how to become a better father. This session is hosted by Phil Sanders, the Sonshine Clubs youth ministry director of Urban Light Ministries. Phil reviews the first "P" in POPS101 concerning being a Protector for your family.

Video 5: Fathering in a Pandemic - POPS 101; Order Keeper and Provider

Phil Sanders continues with the series and identifies the importance fathers play in being an order keeper and provider for the family.

Video 6: Fathering in a Pandemic - Raising Teenagers

Mark Sturgeon, Board Member at Urban Light Ministries reveals his heartfelt learnings as a father of teenagers. Learn that you are not on this fatherhood journey alone.

Video 7: Fathering in a Pandemic - The Father as the Stabilizer

This is the final video in the series "Fathering in the Pandemic". Learn why a father's presence and engagement in the life of his family is critical during these unprecedented times. The father's unconditional love and nurturing of his children is the most important stabilizer for his family. Click on the link to learn more about Urban Light Ministries. http://www.urbanlight.org