Eli Williams

Pastor Eli Williams

As a very young man, Eli Williams was a professional singer and entertainer. After leaving that field, he held various sales positions until settling into a career in broadcasting. In the late 1980s, Williams and his wife Judy accepted their calling into Christian ministry and began their charitable outreach work as Lifeline Ministries.  Christian broadcasting, The Sonshine Clubs children’s ministry, and feeding the hungry were among their first endeavors. They formerly organized as Urban Light Ministries Incorporated in 1995, with Eli as President and Judy as Secretary/Treasurer.

He continues his community involvement with Simunye which focuses on racial reconciliation, serves on the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship board, the Clark County Family Services Planning Council, and the board of Ohio Practioners Network for Fathers and Families (OPNFF).  An ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ since 1997, Williams is a pastor at New Hope Church in Springfield, where he and his wife of 40+ years, have resided since 1985. They have three sons and four grandchildren.

Pastor Eli Williams
PO Box 3132
Springfield, OH 45501

Web – www.PastorEli.com
Email – eli@pastoreli.com

Father Love Book

Father Love

Pastor Eli Williams is the author of the book Father Love.  Father Love explores the concept of love as it is described in the word of God, and considers its application for dads.  The book encourages and inspires a father to give his child what no one else on earth can . . . his best, fully-developed Father Love.