Fathering Strong

A new on-line app that connects, engages and empowers fathers

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Fathering Strong is an online community of fathers who are dedicated to supporting each other through their fathering and faith journeys while building stronger families and communities. Connections and forums are the places where like-minded fathers can build communities, share stories, ask for help, and get the support they need to be successful parents.

Because fathers benefit greatly from mutual encouragement, enrichment, and shared experiences, we created an online and mobile platform for connecting communities of dads.

We engage men in healthy online and mobile communities with other fathers who are seeking to grow stronger as parents and parenting partners for the sake of their children.

We empower fathers to be holistically healthier and better nurturers, resulting in stronger families and communities because of their engagement in Fathering Strong.

Whitepaper on the statistics of Father Absence.  Click on the image to go to flipbook and review or download. 

Read about the launch of Fathering Strong and how it is developed to connect, engage and empower fathers to be the best dads they can be for their families and communities.   Click on the image to go to the flipbook and review or download. 

Get connected with other fathers today!  Click on the image and go to FatheringStrong.com to get started.