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Fatherhood programs

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Urban Light Ministries brings a deep and rich history of building and administering programs over the past 30-plus years with a focus on bringing biblical truths into all ministries. The effect of father-absent homes has proven to be the cause of many of today’s community problems and violent acts.

A new, updated white paper on the consequences a father has on a child’s life has just been released based on the latest research and 2020 census data. This information supports Urban Light Ministries’ focus on building stronger fathers.

Three major initiatives are underway to expand the reach to more fathers and make a positive impact on their children, families, and communities.   The three initiatives include:

  1. Creating and administering an online community, called Fathering Strong,  for fathers to share their stories, learn about effective parenting practices, and become stronger fathers by applying biblical principles
  2. Fatherhood podcasts and conferences to bring together the expertise and community around fatherhood
  3. Become an advocate in leading initiatives that positively affect the laws pertaining to fathers and family issues.

Fathering Strong

Fathering Strong is a free, online community where we can share our stories, learn from others, and become stronger fathers by building stronger relationships with others and with Jesus Christ by applying biblical principles.

The need for good fathers is greater today than ever before.

This new online community provides:

  • interactive topics for all stages of fathering
  • devotionals for individual review or group discussions
  • courses to improve fathering skills in English and Spanish, including POPS 101
  • groups to share stories and learn from others


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POPS 101 Online Course

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