In this episode of the Fathering Strong podcast, Bruce Stapleton and Eli Williams discuss the importance of fathers as order keepers in their children’s lives. They emphasize the need for a strong, mature father figure to help rein in boys’ unruly behavior and prevent it from becoming normalized. They also highlight the role of mothers in discipline and the importance of both parents working together. The hosts share the story of orphaned elephants to illustrate the negative consequences of not having role models. They discuss the essential factors for children’s well-being, including stable and nurturing relationships, economic security, and positive parenting practices. They provide tips for effective communication and stress the importance of relying on God’s guidance in parenting. The episode concludes with a reminder to join the Fathering Strong community for support and resources.


  • – A strong, mature father figure is essential in helping boys understand appropriate behavior and preventing unruly behavior from becoming normalized.
  • Mothers also play a crucial role in disciplining and raising boys, but a father figure provides a unique male nurturance that is important for a child’s development.
  • Children need stable and nurturing relationships, economic security, and positive parenting practices for their well-being.
  • Effective communication involves using ‘I’ statements, being clear and assertive, focusing on the problem rather than the person, and avoiding aggressive behavior.
  • Relying on God’s guidance and seeking support from the Fathering Strong community can help fathers navigate the challenges of parenting.


00:00 – Introduction and Welcome
01:29 – The Importance of Order Keeping
05:20 – The Role of Male Role Models
07:39 – The Importance of Father Figures
09:21 – The Story of Elephants as an Example
16:20 – Essential Factors for Children’s Well-being
19:28 – Economic Security
25:03 – Positive Parenting Practices
28:32 – Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution
33:51 – Building Consistency and Providing Positive Affirmations
36:07 – Seeking Support and Guidance from the Fathering Strong Community
38:43 – Conclusion and Closing Remarks