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31 Day Father Devotional

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This journal is dedicated to all the amazing dads who put the needs of their families first and work hard each day to make a difference in the lives of their children.

Proverbs 13:1 says, “A wise son heeds his father’s instructions,…”

This journal will give you an opportunity to search your own heart and soul to see if the instructions you are providing to your son(s) and or daughter(s) are in accordance with the will of God. May God guide you and give you wisdom as you strive to be the best dad you can be for your family.  The devotional includes bible verses and prayers you can study over the next 31 days. 

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Your legacy as a father will be forever remembered by your children, and their children, etc. What do you want your legacy to be….? Start today making changes if needed, walk in the truth of the Lord your God, remembering that He is always with you, you are never alone.

There isn’t anything you can’t share with Him, let him speak to your heart today. God bless you and your family.