The Urban Light Ministries Board met in October for a time of reflection and confirmation.   The purpose was to review the strategic direction of the ministry and through prayerful discernment, outline the plans for the upcoming year. The challenge is to leverage the deep and rich history of Urban Light Ministries while effectively transitioning and expanding the impact it can make on building stronger fathers for the benefit of their children, families, churches, and communities. 

The consensus was to continue to focus the efforts on addressing the impact of father absence through biblically-based fatherhood programming.  An updated research white paper was developed and published that supports the positive impact these programs can have.  Three new initiatives addressing this objective include:

  • Launching a new online fatherhood community called “Fathering Strong” in January – the website has been developed and already has over 50 fathers without an official launch
  • Begin bringing communities of fathers and experts together through the release of a new podcast hosted by Pastor Eli with the official release in April
  • Bring the community of fatherhood practitioners, program leaders, and fathers together through the offering of a live and virtual fatherhood conference that is planned for May.

The Sonshine Clubs and the work of enriching the lives of children through in-school children’s ministries will transition through supporting and assisting the launch of LifeWise Academies which provide released time bible based character education to elementary-age youth during school hours. 

I feel the board retreat brought a sense of renewed direction that will allow Urban Light Ministries to continue reaching more fathers and families. The direction is to focus resources on building the fatherhood initiatives and continue to support children’s ministries through collaboration, not duplication.

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Bruce Stapleton, Board Chairman

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