Blog March 2024 – Tools for Effective Family Communication

March 2024 - Tools for Effective Family Communication

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5 Tips for Fathers to Become Better Communicators

Think of your family as a team. You’ve got players with different strengths and weaknesses working together to make things run smoothly. Just like any team, though, good communication is key to success.

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Unlocking Effective Communication: A Blueprint for Successful Co-Parenting

Each type of family presents potential challenges to effective communication between parents. For example, when the custodial parent is hostile to the noncustodial parent and sometimes withholds access to the children while also demanding child support. I have seen such rage, pain, and bitterness in many cases. Interactions between parents in similar circumstances may become volatile at any time and without warning.

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guidance for divorce parents

Guided by Faith: Communication Strategies for Divorced Parents

Unfortunately, separation and divorce happen. When there are children involved, divorcing parents can’t and shouldn’t just move on. Both parents’ continued cooperation and a healthy co-parenting partnership is best for children.  Maintaining civil conversations after a divorce, especially for the sake of your children, can be challenging. Here are some suggestions that might help.

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Navigating Co-Parenting: Keeping Your Child Out of the Middle

Even after a divorce, communication often remains necessary for co-parenting, shared finances, or simply navigating the new dynamic. While emotions may run high, maintaining respectful and clear communication can benefit everyone involved, especially children. During my years as a pastor and fatherhood practitioner, I have witnessed too much emotional damage caused to children by divorced and separated parents. I ran across an article a few months ago that addresses this topic, and I want to share it with you.  Dr. Jann Blackstone authored the piece.

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