Blog January 2024 – New Year, New Beginnings

January Blog - New Year, New Beginnings

Strengthen Your Fathering in 2024

Joining in Community to Strengthen Your Fathering

Without question, kids need loving, actively participating dads and good moms as parenting partners to have the best outcomes. Nurturing dads, stepfathers, and other male caregivers do an amazing job of co-parenting and single parenting. Unfortunately, 24 million in the US are growing up in a home where their biological fathers do not live.  There have been good-faith efforts to improve these numbers. However, it is a harsh reality that men are difficult to reach and engage in fatherhood programs.

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The Art of Being A Present Father in Your Child’s Life

Make this the year you become a better dad by being a present father and more intimately engaged in your child’s life. In this post, we will explore the concept of presence. We will provide actionable tips you can practice daily. Let us begin by considering what being a fully present father means.

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Tips to connect with your child

Tips to Better Connect with Your Child as a Present Dad

In some quarters, “quality over quantity” is a popular mantra regarding fathering. You rarely, if ever, hear that said about mothering. That thinking suggests a father’s presence is less important to the child. I couldn’t disagree more strongly. 

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Setting Achievable Goals to Become a Better Dad

After the ball has dropped, the confetti has been swept up and the champagne hangovers are over, a familiar promise took flight: the New Year’s resolution. We promised ourselves a fresh start and made commitments to become a better dad. How’s that going? Usually, not so well. Despite the well-intentioned vows, only 8% of individuals see their resolutions through to fruition.

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Road to becoming a better dad

Working Your Plan to Becoming a Better Father

You’ve probably heard the saying… “failing to plan is planning to fail.” When maximizing your presence with your child this year, you are not planning to fail, or you wouldn’t be investing your time reading these blogs. Success is “planning your work and working your plan.” To help ensure your plan for becoming a better father and maximizing your parenting time is successful, we recommend you identify your child’s interests and focus on dad-child activities around those.

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