Blog February 2024 – Fathers As Servant Leaders

February Blog - Fathers as Servant Leaders

Strengthen Your Fathering in 2024

Discover the Power of Fathers as Servant Leaders

Strong fathers are a great asset in communities. The positive impact you can have on building a better world for families and children cannot be overstated. But it all starts at home. We will consider things a dad can do to optimize his servant leadership.

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Fathers: The Missing Pillars in Faith Communities – Why Your Presence Matters Now More Than Ever

Men are called to lead, not only at home but also in their faith community.  When your presence is felt because you participate in the activities of your congregation, it makes a significantly positive impact on your children, other children, and the entire fellowship. Your servant leadership is needed now more than ever.  

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Dad in classroom helping children

Educational Impact: How Fathers Make a Difference in Schools

The presence and involvement of men and fathers are essential to the health of communities. You’ve often heard the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I agree and would add, “It takes the entire village, including its men.” When mature, responsible men and fathers actively engage in their children’s schools, they are safer and more orderly.  In today’s blog, we will provide some suggestions for how you can be part of serving your community and your child’s school.

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fathers role in building strong communities

Building Strong Communities: The Essential Role of Responsible Fathers

Men can actively participate in community organizations and initiatives. Studies suggest that communities with higher levels of male involvement in family and community life have lower rates of crime and violence. Community fathers can lead the way in promoting cross-cultural harmony by setting examples of peacemaking. These are essential ingredients for stability and safety in a community.

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