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Podcast Episodes

In this episode of the Fathering Strong Podcast, Bruce Stapleton and Eli Williams discuss the importance of keeping kids addiction-free. They highlight the widespread problem of substance abuse in the United States and offer guidance for parents on how to prevent their children from falling into addiction. The key principles discussed include spending time with children, using a democratic approach to discipline, accepting children’s emotions, being a good role model, and providing age-appropriate information about drugs and alcohol. The hosts emphasize the importance of open communication, seeking professional help when needed, and creating a supportive environment for children.

In this episode of the FatherStrong Podcast, Bruce Stapleton and Eli Williams discuss how fathers can help their children become smarter. They emphasize the importance of fostering a love of learning and curiosity in children from a young age. They suggest encouraging exploration and questioning, reading to children daily with enthusiasm, and engaging in interactive activities and games. They also discuss the importance of limiting screen time, supporting a child’s education, and celebrating their effort and progress. For older children and teens, they emphasize maintaining open communication, discussing educational goals, challenging their thinking, teaching life skills, and leading by example. They also highlight the importance of promoting healthy habits and creating a home environment that values learning.

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