Happy Father’s Day

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Read about Pastor Eli’s sabbatical to the Holy Land and Urban Light Ministries exciting new developments.  

Interested in the other four reasons and learning more facts about why Dads are great for kids and communities?  Download the flyer and get more information on how to be a great dad.

Father’s Day Message

When dads are present and actively engaged in raising their kids, their children, on average . . . .

  1. Have better, healthier relationships
  2. Have better emotional health and control
  3. Have better physical health
  4. Are less likely to become addicted to substances

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Good Dad Award

There is not enough recognition for dads that are trying to be awesome.
We are proud to announce the new national Good Dad Award. 

Building Better Fathers

Being a parent is hard enough.  Don’t feel like you need to figure it out on your own.  Get the resources you need to be the best dad to your kids.