What it Takes to be a Great Volunteer:



A great volunteer will have sincere passion for the cause. Your passion will be an inspiration to staff members and other volunteers and your service will make a difference in the life of the organization.



To make a difference, to make a change, a great volunteer will commit to the cause. Generally, if a volunteer has passion about the cause, he/she will commit to do anything needed to help the cause.



Volunteers are asked to bring a joyful spirit and a positive attitude to their work. Great volunteers will not just have a smile on their face but will exude positive energy and effort. An organization will be sincerely grateful if you have enthusiasm and drive for their mission.



This is crucial for nonprofit organizations – we count on our volunteers as much as we count on our paid staff, in many cases. A great volunteer will follow through on his/her commitments. As a volunteer, your reputation and accountability reflect on your daily life, not just when you are volunteering.



Great volunteers will realize how much an organization is counting on them. Nonprofit organizations will appreciate you if you treat a volunteer opportunity like a job. Even though volunteers are not paid, a nonprofit organization will count on their volunteers to be punctual and dependable.



Volunteers are often asked to take on a variety of tasks. A great volunteer will have the ability to be flexible and adaptable.



Volunteering is just that – sacrificing of one’s time, energy and services without expecting anything in return. Although it is exceedingly rewarding, the reality is that a volunteer may run short of these resources. Sometimes there are days when it seems you’ve given all of yourself, and it’s not fun, it’s not exciting, it’s just sacrifice. That’s completely ok, but it is at this point when volunteers must remember why they chose to volunteer and reaffirm their commitment.



A warning – volunteering can take a lot of energy. Organizations appreciate volunteers who strive to bring abundant energy into their operation.



Great volunteers will use their talents, passions, and humor to bring life into the tasks at hand. Great volunteers will allow themselves to dream and be creative. If you volunteer in this way, you will leave your own personal and sincere mark on the organization.



As a volunteer, people will trust you with their facility, community, and organization–which is an extreme responsibility. Great volunteers are sincere in their everyday life and will realize that their service shows how much you care. Those you serve will notice

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