1985 – Eli and Judy Williams moved to Springfield, Ohio. They joined a local church, and immersed themselves into community outreaches that eventually become Urban Light Ministries

·        Eli created a weekly radio show featuring Christian music. It is now Hot Gospel 20, a weekly countdown show

1986 - Eli joined the Springfield Optimist Club. He eventually became club president, Lt. Governor, Governor, and Ambassador

1988 – Eli and Judy formed Lifeline Ministries. Activities included children, jail, prison, food pantry, free meal, medical, singing and mobile DJ ministries. They have ministered to groups and one-on-one to countless    
             individuals over the years        

1992 – Eli and Kevin Moehn launched a racial reconciliation ministry. Eli later starts Christian Cross Cultural Fellowship

1993 – The Sonshine Club Saturday Morning sidewalk Sunday School started in Lincoln Park neighborhood with partners

1994 – The Sonshine Clubs after school ministry began at Lincoln School

·                                     Eli served as founding chair of The Nehemiah Foundation (first 2 years). Nehemiah supports many local ministries

1995 – Lifeline Ministries’ name was changed when it was incorporated as Urban Light Ministries, Inc

1996 – ULMI received IRS 501(c)3 designation

1997 - Urban Light Center opened on S. Yellow Springs Street, improving the neighborhood.

·                                    Judy started food pantry, free physician ministry, and free community meals. 100s were served monthly

·                                    Eli ordained for Christian Ministry by Pentecostal Assemblies of the World

·                                     Adopt-a-Block pioneered at ULM. 100s of families served weekly by volunteers. Spun-off in 2004

1998 – Eli established the SALT Club, a Christian leadership development/community service club in Hayward Middle School. 2002 – ULMI Board acquired WBLY 1600 AM. It was sold to Radio Maria in 2007

2006 - Nurturing Fathers for Life (NFL) program begun at ULM to help fathers develop skills and attitudes for male nurturance

·                                    Eli begins daily Crossing Over radio interview program on WULM and later, a weekly cable TV show

2007 - Basic Training for Men program begun with Marriage Resource Center to help men develop relationship skills

·                                   NFL fatherhood classes started in Clark County Jail. 65 fathers served that year

·                                   Eli and Judy founded Fountain of Life Christian Assembly

2008 - $224K Regional fatherhood grant awarded to Urban Light by the Ohio Commission on Fatherhood

·                                   Miami Valley Partnership for Fathers established. 300+ fathers served in 5 counties

·                                    Eli elected to the board of Ohio Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families (OPNFF)

2009 - Clark County Board of Commissioners vote to support the creation of the Clark County Fatherhood Commission

·                                   The Fountain merged with Christian Community Church to become Fountain of Life Christian Community

2010 – Urban Light wins $100K contract to establish Montgomery County DJFS Fatherhood Initiative. More than one hundred, fifty fathers and their children served in 9 months

·                                  Urban Light hosted the regional Advance Fatherhood Ohio! Summit in Springfield. Nearly 250 attended

·                                   Urban Light co-sponsors the Forum on African American Males with Ohio Commission of African American Males

·                                   The Sonshine Clubs expanded to Enon, Ohio and Eagle & Dove Academy, Springfield

·                                    Eli publishes the area’s first Dads Resource Guide

2011 – Eli forms committee to plan Celebrate Fatherhood Clark County to raise awareness and to increase father involvement. The campaign included My Dad ROCKS essay/poster contest & Cookout on Father’s Day    
             weekend attended nearly 350.

·                                     Eli authors the Community Fatherhood Policy which is signed by dozens of community leaders

·                                     Ohio Commission on Fatherhood funds Ohio County Fatherhood Initiative grant for community mobilization

·                                    The Sonshine Clubs expand to Hustead and New Carlisle, Ohio

·                                     Springfield/Clark County’s first POPS Club established in Lincoln Park neighborhood in Springfield. Members start a crossing guard program, mentor students, and perform other community service

·                                     Ohio Commission on Fatherhood funds ULM’s POPS Project. Darryl Grayson was appointed Program Director

·                                    HHS’ Administration for Children and Families awarded MRCMV and partners (including ULM) a $798,380 Healthy Marriage grant. Urban Light Ministries focuses on helping males develop relationship attitudes   
            and skills

·                                   Eli appointed Director of Fatherhood Clark County, the county’s official community mobilization initiative

 2012 – Eli and Darryl present ULM’s programs and Fatherhood Clark County initiatives to a Virginia delegation Second Annual Celebrate Fatherhood event is held in Snyder Park on June 16th

·                                     ULM’s Sonshine Clubs number 15 in 14 locations, serving over 800 children per week

·                                   Fatherhood Clark County’s website goes live. Promotional campaign begins with placement of six resource kiosks

2013 – Fatherhood Clark County’s Fathers Resource Center opened in Urban Light Center

·                                      ULM awarded 2013 Creative Youth Program at ML King, Jr Annual Luncheon on January 18th for The Sonshine Clubs

·                                     Ohio Commission on Fatherhood (OCF) awards ULM additional funds for a Montgomery County pilot project

·                                    Work begins on creating Fatherhood Ohio, a fundraising and granting organization to support fatherhood initiatives

2014 - Fourth annual community event, renamed FatherFest, and My Dad ROCKS held downtown on Fathers’ Day weekend

·                                   Fatherhood Clark County (FCC) is presented a Fatherhood Achievement Award by Ohio U, OCF, and OPNFF

·        FCC is recognized by OCF as a model community mobilization effort. Featured in a summit workshop and an OCF webinar

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